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Get to any corner of the earth and you will run into a Malayali there, goes the saying and we now know that Malayalis are currently living in at least 201 countries and territories. When we settle in a new country, sometimes it's quite challenging to pass on our cultural roots to the next generation. How can we make the Malayalam language which is the key to the rich and unique culture of Kerala, more transparent so that anyone can learn it with ease?


With this aim, we make bilingual resources in Malayalam and English for Malayali children around the world to stay connected to their Kerala heritage. 

Ever heard of Kerala and Malayalis? If not, click here.

If you already know about Kerala and Malayalis, keep reading :-)

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"Gaps&Letters acknowledges Australia's First Nations People- the First Australians- as the Traditional Owners of this land and give respect to the Elders-past and present and through them to all Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people".

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