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Frequently Asked Questions - BOOKS

To which countries do you ship books?

We can ship books worldwide. We have added most countries to the shipping countries list. However, if you cannot find your country in the shipping country list at checkout,  please let us know at We can manually add it for you to order it from your country of residence.

 How much would be the shipping fees for books?

Please note that shipping fees are calculated at check out based on the address you enter and the delivery method you choose (post/local delivery/pick up)

Also based on the book inventory and stockists, the shipping cost to you changes from country to country and region to region.

Shipping within Australia - $ 5. 80

India - FREE shipping





US - We got stockists BHASHAKIDS and TOKABOX in the US,

please follow their website instructions for launch and order updates.

How long it takes to receive my order?

To ship within Australia, it's 5-7 business days, and in other countries, it takes around 14 days in the current situation.

Did payment decline with bank/debit card?

For some orders especially from India, the bank cards decline the payments for an unknown reason. However, credit cards work without any issues. If you don't have a credit card, please email us to arrange a manual payment.

Is the shipping cost more than you have expected?

Unfortunately, the shipping fee is one of the challenges faced by small biz. However, the shipping fee for bulk orders is very less compared to individual orders. If you are a part of the Malayali community or association in your area, try to order the books for a few families together and shipping for each person would be very less. 

Frequently Asked Questions - COCONUT SHELL ITEMS

To which countries do you ship coconut shell items?

We currently ship within Australia. However, if you would like to order our products from other countries please let us know at We will try our best to accommodate international shipping.

Is shipping free within Australia?

No, The shipping fee is a flat fee of  $9.90 AUD for coconut items

Do you offer cancellations, exchanges, and returns?

You may cancel your order before it is shipped. However, if the product is engraved, it can no longer be cancelled. Please email us right away if you placed an order and would like to cancel it.


You may return your order within 30 days of purchase. Buyer pays for the shipping lable. Please reach out to us to initiate a return.


If you are unhappy with a purchase or have any issues with the products, please reach out to us via the contact us form and we will try our best to resolve it.

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